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Starter Kit Bundle Discount Offer

For just $197 you can now have four of most my important programs for trainers who aren’t at the six-figure level yet but would like to get there soon

Here’s what you get…

Market Annihilator Simple – ( Reg. $197 ) – I’ve extracted the my top seven strategies for getting clients from the internet and put them all together for you in one handy “client-getting” resource

Until now, these strategies have only been available to my Platinum Level Market Annihilator Members… who’ve payed thousands for them

And instead of paying thousands, for a super-limited time you can access this information at a super-low rate

Group Training Exploder ( Digital – Standard Edition ) – ( Reg $297 ) – If you’d like to earn five or more times as much as the typical fitness trainer and be able to work part time hours, then I HIGHLY recommend you get into group ( semi-private ) training

Group trainers can make $100,000.00 to $250,000.00 per year and can often do it working only 20 or 25 hours a week. Along with boot camps, it is by far the most profitable way kind of fitness training business to have.

In my Group Training Exploder program I walk you step-by-step through the ENTIRE process of building and owning a highly profitable group training business.

Client Retention Blueprint – ( Reg $67 ) – Here’s how the Client Retention Blueprint works…

Your clients get better results because they stay with you longer

Now, because they get better results and are around longer, they refer more people to you

Because of your ability to keep clients for years and years, you don’t constantly have to deal with the hassles and headaches of feeling pressured to try to get more clients all the time (Sure, you’ll wanna get new clients on a regular basis… but you won’t NEED to since your income just grows and grows … unlike most trainers, as you get new clients you’ll be keeping the old ones… instead of constantly trying to replace those lost clients… no more dealing with the revolving door 19 out of 20 trainers are plagued with)

And most importantly… you make more money

Referral Marketing Blueprint – ( Reg $47 ) – The Referral Marketing Blueprint is jam packed with everything you’ll ever need to turn your clients into referral generating machines, get 5 to 11 new referrals each week and bring your business to a strong six-figure level on free and super-low cost referral marketing tactics alone.

Referrals are one of the fastest and most affordable ways to build a training business IF you do it right… and the Referral Marketing Blueprint will show you EXACTLY how to do it right

When you order this bundle pack you save over $375, a discount of well over 50%

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