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“From Losing $10K a Month To Making $20 to $25 in Profit Each Month”

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Adam McKenzie

“Close to 100 Clients in 3 Months”

I have added close to 100 clients in just 3 months because I listened to Chris McCombs advice on Facebook lead generation. I have had to hire a sales team for all the calls coming in, and use this as the main source of fuel for my personal training company. All this started with just using some of his advice from the Rise Above program… Thanks a Ton Chris!”

Aaron Guyett
Owner of Innovative Results

“9 New Clients in the First Week and $39,380.00 Monthly EFT”

I wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know how awesome life has been since working with you in your mentoring program. I started working with you on September 1, 2010. We had our first coaching call on the 7th. The to do list that came out of that 1 hour call was pretty big, but I knew I had a lot to work on. You gave me a list of 17 things to take action on. The craziest thing is within a week of putting action item #1 in place, I noticed a $14,000.00 profit! That was so friggin awesome! So I spent the next month just taking massive action. The results are just too long to list in a paragraph so I am going to bullet point them:

I started out with 23 clients generating $6K on 1 September 2010

1) 9 new clients in the first week
2) own Google pages for my area
3) took on 35 human billboards
4) hired a full time assistant
5) hired 6 trainers
6) hired 8 salesmen
7) Now have 179 clients training in groups
8) Currently generating $39,380.00 monthly EFT as of November 15, 2010

I could go on and on with the details, however at the end of the day it’s all about the right woo woo shit, massive action, and a bad ass end result!

Chris, it’s been truly awesome working with you. Looking forward to taking it to the next level.

Thanks for everything
Will Denyko

“I’ve already gone up over $10,000.00 a month in just 4 weeks”

Travis Jones
Toronto Boot Camp Instructor and Personal Trainer

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TC Lee

“Since Working with Chris I’ve Gone from 2 Boot Camp Locations and 29 Clients to 7 Boot Camp Locations and 167 Clients

Before I started working with Chris I was working over 60 hours a week working my ass off grafting a living… I was totally burnt out and needed some help.

I’d never had a mentor before but having Chris there to guide me every step of the way has been priceless saving me years of time in trial and error.

Since working with Chris I’ve gone from 2 boot camp locations and 29 clients to 7 boot camp locations and 167 clients… in less than 15 months. Nearly all these clients have come directly from strategies I
learned from Chris.

I now work 1/3rd of the hours and have the freedom to enjoy doing the things I love, take regular holidays and hang out with friends… while making twice as much money. I outsource nearly all of the personal training and boot camp classes to 8 personal trainers and now have an assistant doing all the billing and admin work.

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit

The fitness training industry is one of those industries where MOST people hardly make a thing, a small percent do OK, and an even smaller percent does VERY WELL

This is about how to be one of the ones who do well

My name is Chris McCombs… or Big Chris as a lot of people call me

I’ve been in the Fitness Business, Fitness Marketing and Personal Trainer Marketing Industries for quite a few years and I have some super cool stuff to share with you… and it’s all free

Let me ask you a question…

In your fitness boot camp or personal training business… are you making the kind of money you know you deserve to make deep down inside?

If not, that’s OK, it’s not your fault

Not doing well in business is par for the course in the fitness industry

Check out these statistics…

Recently, Yahoo News reported that the number of personal fitness trainers in The United States is up by 44% from just 2001 to 2011

That’s a HUGE increase

Just in the U.S. alone there’s 231,500 fitness professionals out there doing there thing

Now, according to Labor Department statistics, in this SAME time period, the overall number of workers fell by approximately one percent

So it’s definitely a growing industry

HOWEVER… they also stated that the average personal trainer earns less than $15 an hour

Well that’s not bad if you’re in high school… but you might as well be flipping burgers

If you’re a personal trainer or own a fitness business and you love what you do, and wanna make a decent living doing it, either you’ll need to work more hours than there are in the day… or it’s time to get a new career

But it doesn’t have to be like this

The good news is, that by doing a few simple things, you can make…. $100,000… $200,000 a year or more

A small percent of the fitness business industry actually makes between $150 and $400 an hour, has no problem getting new clients and are able to do it all helping people get into shape

What’s the difference between the masses who make less than $29,000 a year, and the few and the proud who are making the kind of money doctors and lawyers are able to command?

Well, it’s how how good you are at training people, how much experience you have or how many certifications you have

Sure, certifications are important, and you better be a bad ass trainer and go about it with everything in you, otherwise it’s time to go after a new career… because personal training ain’t for you

But if YOU ARE a great trainer, and you love helping people get into shape, then all you need to do is a few simple things

It’s what I call “The Fitness Business Trifecta” … and it’s been proven to work time and time again… in fact, if you have any doubt that it works, check out the case studies page on this site

It all comes down to these three simple things…

1. Getting Leads – AKA Personal Trainer Marketing

2. Converting those Leads Into Becoming Paying Clients – This is The Personal Trainer Sales aspect

3. Maximizing The Value Exchange

I break it all in my Free Ebook – “The Fitness Profits Roadmap – A Personal Trainer’s Roadmap to Success”

Also known as “The Personal Trainer Marketing Bible”

This free book includes 9 ways to get more training or boot camp clients using proven personal trainer marketing tactics, two fitness sales scripts PROVEN to convert leads into paying clients and 3 BIG WAYS to make more money in your Fitness Training Business

Whether you’re just starting your personal training business, or you’re a trainer who’s been around a while… this free book will break it all down for you, just put in your name and email and you can get it here, along with a bunch or other cool strategies and tips for growing your fitness business that I’ll be sending you


The first section of the book, The Fitness Business Marketing section, gets into the 9 most effective ways to get clients in 2013, using the following boot camp and personal trainer marketing strategies


Fitness Marketing Strategy Number 1 – Getting fitness boot camp and personal training clients from a wealth of referral sources… no matter how many clients you currently have… just 5… or 500… you’ll definitely wanna put this one to work for you right away

Fitness Marketing Strategy Number 2 – This is the strategy I used to go from zero clients to making over $100,000 a year in just a matter of months

Fitness Marketing Strategy Number 3 – This strategy I used to get up up to $40K worth of personal training business a month … it worked so well I had to hire fifteen trainers to do all the work for me

Fitness Marketing Strategy Number 4 – Turn your client base into a tribe with this one… nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can create as much buzz for your business as this one

Fitness Marketing Strategy Number 5 – How to use FREE Facebook marketing tactics that WORK… without relying on costly Facebook Ads… I know a few trainers who make well over $100,000 a year and this is their number one way of getting new clients

Fitness Marketing Strategy Number 6 – This one is NOT for everybody, in fact, there’s no way I’ve ever wanted to do this in my own training business, but the personal trainers who DO IT… can become very successful, very fast… the good news, is that the other strategies work so well, you don’t need to do all of them to be successful … you can treat it like a buffet and choose which ones you want

Fitness Marketing Strategy Number 7 – This strategy I call The “LMA Strategy” for getting clients … and trainers trip out when they do it and see how well it works

Fitness Marketing Strategy Number 8 – Strategy number eight is as close to “push-button” client-getting as it gets… imagine if you could just wake up, decide you want to get a new client or two today, and you could just push a few buttons and make it happen

Fitness Marketing Strategy Number 9 – Creating joint ventures and win-win partnerships with other local business in your area in a super cool way that makes them WANT to give you clients

To gain access to these fitness business building strategies and personal trainer marketing tactics, just leave your email here and I’ll send it right over to you


So if you’d like to…

– Sell more personal training the easy way

– Get more personal training or boot camp clients

– Make more money, while working less hours

– Earn 5 to 15 times what your average personal trainer makes

– Enjoy more fun and freedom in your business

– Touch more people’s lives and help more people get into better shape than ever before

– Have a personal training business you can be proud of

Just put in your email below and I’ll send it over to you for free

It’s over 70 pages long and is jam packed with some of the best business and personal trainer marketing information available anywhere

Get Your Free Client-Getting, Business-Building Report… Detailing EXACTLY How To Grow Your Training Business To 6 Figures and Beyond

  • Discover 9 Ways to Get More Fitness Training Clients
  • 2 Sales Scripts PROVEN to convert leads into paying personal training and boot camp clients
  • Get a Detailed Breakdown of THREE BIG Ways to make MORE MONEY in your training business

Plus, you’ll get free blog updates to help you build your boot camp,
gym, strength training business or personal training business

Just put your primary email in here and I’ll be sure to hook you up ( I hate spam too so I promise to keep it private and never share it with anyone) … I’ll see you on the other side