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IMPORTANT For Coaches and Fitness Trainers:

Hey there it’s Big Chris… if you feel strongly about what I just wrote, then you will DEFINITELY wanna pay attention to what I’m about share with you … because whether you’re a seasoned pro or fairly new to the industry, AS LONG AS YOU DELIVER RESULTS… then I’m gonna tell you abut the best way to build a business.

These days it seems there’s a gym or boot camp or PT studio popping up on every corner… I live in Orange county, CA and if you drive by any park during the morning or evening hours there’s a boot camp going on… and you can’t drive 5 miles without seeing a car that say “Personal Trainer for Hire … Body by Tony, or Tommy, or Sally… whoever.

I can’t tell the difference between any of em.. it’s almost they’re all the same, and guess what? The clients can tell the difference either… and what happens then is you have no loyalty… just a bunch of coupon clippers will go to whichever of these “No One Can Tell The Difference Boot Camps’ have the lowest prices that month on Deal of the Day Sites… …

And for every Park or Studio with “No One Can Tell The Difference Boot Camps’ .. there’s a strip mall with a “No One Can Tell The Difference Personal Training Businesses’ in ever strip mall

So you have clients with no loyalty and a bunch of trainers who are great at training people but have no idea on how to build a business…

….And then on the other end of it you have the marketers who are throwing up cookie cutter bootcamps all over the place…

And computer savvy trainers just jump online and market the heck out of their little personal training business in every way possible they can figure out how to online

And then there’s the ALSO wide array of trainers from all over the world who buy and put to stuff they learned from fitness marketing and business guys like me or any of the other guys who teach the marketing stuff… tactics where you never have had to train a person in your life and have people come in and *think* your great… for example someone can get to the top of Google and to many people searching around it will imply to them that you’re the best… cuz hey… Google says they’re # 1

So often times the trainers or businesses who get the most clients end up not delivering all that great of an experience or results… and some honestly don’t care and think “As long as I have more coming in than going out I’m good”

UUUUUUUUUUUU……..that’s not building a business with any kind of passion or foundation in the first place… that’s more like just kinda “Getting Clients Dude!!!” …. without looking 6 months or 6 years down the road.

I tell people DO NOT buy my products until they have their training dialed in… if you’re training sucks, don’t go become the best marketer… fix your training first

Well lets just they’re people who get into the training industry, and could care less about the training, it’s ONLY about money… often times guys like these can get the lions share of people “searching” for a coach or trainer to find and go to them…

You want a business that naturally draws people in through some super powerful networking ( especially at first) and referrals and then ultimately just having an unparalleled reputation delivering kick ass workouts and kick ass results

Besides just training people and making a good living doing what you love… I say step back and look at the few trainers and coaches who have fan bases willing to go to war for them… coaches and trainers who consistently deliver…

And the workouts, programs and training experience are on such a higher level and their track record for results is second to none

If you want a large following of people loyal to you… and to give you money and feel a great sense of pride when they join your program… like one would had they just started training with Joe Defranco,…Zach Even-Esh… Jason Ferruggia… James Smitty Smith… Eric Cressey,… Alywn Cossgrove.. Mike Boyle… the guys who have built they’re tribe up over time, pretty much always growing… with many of these dudes having people fly in from all over the world just to do have the opportunity to learn from them

Now you may never know a fraction of what these guys know about training because they are hands down some of the best in the world and world wide recognition is not what this about right now, but there things you can do that generate a buzz, earn you respect, earn client loyalty and a die hard following of people who love being associated with you and your brand

If you do any of the following work for for living … and you’re either self-employed or the owner the business, or if you do work for someone other than yourself but only provided the one responsible for the future growth and direction the business owner

 – Personal trainer, fitness coach, fitness professional or trainer of some sort

– Boot camp owner and/or instructor

Strength coach (And you work for yourself, NOT full time staff member at a school or for a professional sports team

– Own a business offering training/coaching for most anyone in the fields of health, fitness and athletics

Teach just abut any kind of martial arts… from very traditional to MMA, hand to hand combat, Krav Maga, Boxing,etc.. Kick Boxing

– Pilates and Yoga

– Own a business offering training/coaching for most anyone in the fields of health, fitness and athletics

– Crossfit type places ( It;s GREAT FOR THOSE PLACES)

– You serve a special niche in some area of health and fitness

– Work with athletes on strength and conditioning

But you wanna be a coach or a trainer, because its what you LOVE to do, you’re not really interested in “doing” marketing all day

Now this page is much longer than the typical sales page you’ll get from me, because even though the it’s one of the lowest priced program I have, it’s just so damn good… and I want you to be able to learn everything you need so you can make the best judgment call possible.

The copy is also a bit long because this is the my favorite method of any I system I have ever hear for getting the highest volume of clients for the widest range or trainers in the shortest period of time ( REMEMBER: Provided you’re good at what you do)

It’s perfect if train niches or general fat loss, and it works for all kinds of athletic coaches and various sports, strength , health and fitness niches .. from Yoga To Powerlifting and everything in between.

Since I know a TON of trainers and coaches from all over the world have been waiting a long time for this particular product, not sure if you’re one of them, but many are just coming to this page ready to get started, and have been waiting for this to particular system to come out for quite a while..