Yanik Silver Reviews My Site… Ouch!

Well known copywriter and internet marketer Yanik Silver critiqued one of my personal training sites back in August of 07′. It’s funny how even when you know what the hell you’re doing; someone with more experience than you can come along and show you the 20 little things you did wrong. This critique was very eye-opening for me and I have since made most of the changes Yanik suggested (looking back at the some of the things I was doing wrong makes me wonder ‘what was I thinking?’)

I also did some coaching with John Reese, creator of the Traffic Secrets program and founder of Income.com, where he reviewed my site and I some made more changes, one of which was adding additional niched down sites.

After that Eben Pagan (also known as David DeAngelo, creator of Double Your Dating which is pulling in 20 million dollars a year right now) reviewed my site more and pointed out a few mistakes I was making which were so obvious yet seemed so elusive at the time, even to the seasoned eye. Eben saw things no one else was able to.

And most recently I’ve hired on Michel Fortin for some coaching, and I’m sure he’ll be scrutinizing the site. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with… Michael has written the copy for some of the biggest launches in internet history.

(Man I did a lot of name dropping in this post… that must mean I didn’t get enough attention as I child, I seek approval from others and I now need years of therapy that will easily add up to ten of thousands of dollars… ahh F*%k it! )

This is my first personal training site of many, and I’m always trying to improve it. No matter how good at marketing you are, it’s paramount to always have coaches, advisors and mentors. I guarantee you even though all the guys I just mentioned above are mega-successful, you can bet they have someone who knows a little bit more than they do who they turn to on a regular basis.

You can view Yanik’s critique of that site Here, it’s in .pdf format so if you don’t have adobe reader, you’ll need to download that program.

Click Here For Yanik Silver’s Review of My Site

P.S. On the actual site I have a video loaded with testimonials and workout demonstrations below the main headline, I doesn’t work in the pdf though, it might even just look like a blank space, but that’s where the video is.