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“From Losing $10K a Month To Making $20,000 to $25,000 in Profit Each Month”

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Adam McKenzie

“In just 8 months I have 5 venues…”

Yvonne Radley

Hey Chris, I just wanted you to know you have been my source of inspiration in building Action Boot Camp over here in the UK. I launched the company on Jan 4th with 2 venues and zero clients.

In just 8 months I have 5 venues – a Rookie Boot Camp for kids and around 500 cadets. Awesome isn’t it? And we’re supposed to be in a recession!

Yvonne Radley

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Ryan Ehmann

“Since Working with Chris I’ve Gone from 2 Boot Camp Locations and 29 Clients to 7 Boot Camp Locations and 167 Clients”

Dan Clay

Before I started working with Chris I was working over 60 hours a week working my ass off grafting a living… I was totally burnt out and needed some help.I’d never had a mentor before but having Chris there to guide me every step of the way has been priceless saving me years of time in trial and error.

Since working with Chris I’ve gone from 2 boot camp locations and 29 clients to 7 boot camp locations and 167 clients… in less than 15 months.Nearly all these clients have come directly from strategies I learned from Chris.

I now work 1/3rd of the hours and have the freedom to enjoy doing the things I love, take regular holidays and hang out with friends… while making twice as much money.

I outsource nearly all of the personal training and boot camp classes to 8 personal trainers and now have an assistant doing all the billing and admin work.Now my website does all the hard work for me signing up 2-3 new boot camp clients everyday… it’s literally like having a 24 hour cash machine!

Dan Clay

Dangerously Fit

“9 New Clients in the First Week and $39,380.00 Monthly EFT”

Will Denyko

Hey Chris,I wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know how awesome life has been since working with you in your mentoring program. I started working with you on September 1, 2010. We had our first coaching call on the 7th. The to do list that came out of that 1 hour call was pretty big, but I knew I had a lot to work on.

You gave me a list of 17 things to take action on.The craziest thing is within a week of putting action item #1 in place, I noticed a $14,000.00 profit! That was so friggin awesome! So I spent the next month just taking massive action. The results are just too long to list in a paragraph so I am going to bullet point them:I started out with 23 clients generating $6K on 1 September 2010

1) 9 new clients in the first week
2) own Google pages for my area
3) took on 35 human billboards
4) hired a full time assistant
5) hired 6 trainers
6) hired 8 salesmen
7) Now have 179 clients training in groups
8) Currently generating $39,380.00 monthly EFT as of November 15, 2010

I could go on and on with the details, however at the end of the day it’s all about the right woo woo shit, massive action, and a bad ass end result!Chris, it’s been truly awesome working with you. Looking forward to taking it to the next level.

Thanks for everything
Will Denyko

“Close to 100 Clients in 3 Months”

Aaron Guyett

“I have added close to 100 clients in just 3 months because I listened to Chris McCombs advice on Facebook lead generation. I have had to hire a sales team for all the calls coming in, and use this as the main source of fuel for my personal training company. All this started with just using some of his advice from the Rise Above program…

Thanks a Ton Chris!”

Aaron Guyett
Owner of Innovative Results

“I Picked Up 29 Clients in 11 Weeks and I ONLY Work 14 Hours a Week Now”

Dave Anderson

“Chris was the launching pad for my entire business. When I first started training I had no idea how or where I was going to get any clients. So I sat down with Chris for about an hour and amazingly I can tell you that because of Chris’s program I picked up 29 clients in 11 weeks, and what’s really cool is I only work 14 hours a week so I can spend the rest of my time doing whatever I want to… which for me is usually surfing.”

Dave Anderson

Owner of OC Beach Bodies

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“When I started with Chris I had like 3 clients at the time paying $10 each a week, our target was 53 at $59 each. I have exceeded that considerably, life is good. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME SET THIS UP!!”

Peter Bolsius

Peter Bolsius testimonial on Facebook

Peter Bolsius
Matraville Personal Trainer and Studio Owner

“Since joining him my business has doubled on a monthly basis”

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“I Have Already Made 10X the investment”

Sam Bakhtiar

Hey Chris, You are a freaking MANIAC, you know sh*t that NO one has even ever heard of…. Some people might call you a genius but as far as I am concerned you are a MANIAC, a mad scientist. Using Market Annihilator is like taking a stealth bomber to a gun fight. My poor competition is getting crushed. (I Feel bad OK… I am over it) I thank God that you have done so much of the work for me in the Market Annihilator and that all I have to do is plug in and play (and count my cash) Between you and I, I think that you let this program go way to cheap.

I mean I have already made 10X the investment and the 3 months that I have been using it. If you’re a trainer joining the Market Annihilator should be a no brainer, what if I told you that for every $200.00 I give you you’ll $2000.00 to $20,000.00 GUARANTEED. Who wouldn’t take that deal? Well that’s what I think of the Market Annihilator program. To any trainer reading this I DON’T GET A DIME ENDORSING THIS OR ANY PROGRAM. I just tell it like it is.

Sam “I Make Seven Figures in My Sleep” Bakhtiar
Owner of Fitness Concepts in Chino Hills, Ca

“Thanks for Freedom Formula”

Hey Babs, Team Chris/Zach, Just emailing to say thank you for the Fitness Freedom product.

In my business I have spent a long time working way too many hours, and being disappointed by the results I have received from my team.

I hit rock bottom at the end of last year when I had big cash flow challenges for the first time in 9 years of business, in spite of having record numbers of clients and team members.

At the start of this year my business partner and I even sacked everyone and went back to doing everything ourselves.

This fixed our cashflow, client results, session attendance and retention but left no time for anything- my partner did so many sessions she even strained her back moving weights around the studio and it took 30 mins for her just to be able to stand up from bed before doing the 5:30am session.

Since doing Fitness Freedom and reading No BS Ruthless Management of People and Profits (as recommended in the course) I have had the confidence to start building up the team again.

Fist I put in 2 x clients doing barter group training (cleaning and some admin done….). The guys doing this work harder than my previous paid admin.

Then we recruited 1 x trainer who is doing great- we held out for the right attitude and personality from day one, it took longer than we hoped but clients love her.

We also have 2 x more trainers (1 current and previous successful client) ready to take on extra sessions.

I am recruiting an assistant next week so I can get back to work on our bigger projects and info products.

I’ve done heaps of learning- e-myth, action coach, other programs about systematization from your competitors and more but it took Fitness Freedom for it to come together.

Without this product I don’t know if we would even still have our training studio.

So Thanks again.

Keith Chestnut
Oxygen Studio Personal Training

“I’ve already gone up over $10,000.00 a month in just 4 weeks”

Travis Jones
Toronto Boot Camp Instructor and Personal Trainer

“I Now Own Six of the Top Ten Spots on the First Page of Google…INCLUDING Spots 1, 2 and 3”

Ron Khawar

Because of the Market Annihilator strategies, I own almost the entire first page of Google for my main keyword terms… just check it out…

Ron Khawar
Personal Training Business Owner

“I Now Have 8 Places on the First Page of Google”

Carlos Payte

“Hey Chris,
I just wanted to thank you so much for all of the awesome content that you provide in the Market Annihilator program. There is so much information that is described in a simple, easy to use format. If people just take a few of the items, like I did, they can rank much higher on Google.

That was the main reason I chose to do the Market Annihilator program. Within a few weeks of implementing some of your ideas, I started ranking higher. I now have 8 places on the first page of Google. Anybody that doesn’t take your course is definitely missing out on tons of business. Hopefully my competition never sees your site!”

Carlos Payte

“My Website’s Now Doing All My Marketing For Me”

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Jonathan McSweet, NSCA-CPT

“Chris has Helped My Business Make Six-Figures a Year Consistently”

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Dan Go
Ontario Boot Camp Owner

“Now I’m Booked Solid”

Sako Yakinian

“Before I met Big Chris McCombs and started following his blog I was another trainer trying to get by and had no following and hardly anyone knew about me or my fitness training business.

Within just a few months of using Big Chris’s strategies my business blew up.

Now I’m booked solid, I’m pulling in six-figures, have a huge following and my business is over double the size it was before I started using his tactics. Big Chris’s blogging techniques have been an extremely powerful tool in growing my business. The guy is untouchable when it comes to helping trainers make money from blogging.

“Chris Can Take Your Current Blog or Future Blog, and Help You Fine-Tune it into a Traffic-Getting Money-Making Machine.”

Rusty Moore

“As a fellow full-time fitness blogger, who gets a million hits a month to his blog, I can tell you that Chris McCombs knows is stuff. I have spent hours dissecting and reverse-engineering many of Chris’s innovative blogging techniques. Everything from the font size, to the width of his page, to where he places his opt-in forms is carefully planned out… and these are just the obvious things on the surface.

So many fitness professionals are making crucial errors that are KILLING their chances at creating a high traffic blog. There are dozens of land mines to avoid if you want to reach high traffic levels online with a fitness blog. Chris can take your current blog or future blog, and help you fine-tune it into a traffic and money-making machine.

If you have good content to share with the world, there are systematic steps Chris will walk you through that will create a large following online of eager buyers.

Unfortunately hiring Chris for a one-on-one coaching isn’t an option unless you are willing to invest a large chunk of money. He is almost a 7-figure per year blogger, so it takes quite a bit to pull him away from spending time with his friends and family.

So, instead of doing one-on-one consulting, Chris decided to put everything he knows about owning with a profitable fitness blog in one affordable package. Knowing Chris, the product will worth at least ten times what he charges… He’s cool like that!”

Rusty Moore

“Attract Thousands of Readers Per Day”

Nate Green

“I’ve written for major newsstand magazines, huge Internet fitness sites, and even had Penguin publishing buy and distribute my book, Built for Show. But none of that compares to the reach and impact my blog has.

Your blog is your living room, a place that is authentic, personal, and fun. But none of that matters if you don’t have anyone to show you how to do it right… Chris McCombs is a master of blogging and his tactics can give you immediate results. He’ll show you how to create a blog that works — whether your goal is to attract thousands of readers per day or make many thousands of dollars per month … or both.”

Nate Green
Author of ‘Built for Show’

“Chris Just GETS IT Like No One Else When It Comes to Using a Blog to Make A Lot of Money Online”

Dave Miz

“I’ve been around the internet marketing circles for quite awhile, do very well online myself, know almost all the top guys personally and there’s not a lot I haven’t seen… until I met Big Chris on a coffee break during Frank Kerns Mass Control seminar. I look up and here’s this HUGE, bald, scary looking guy……Turns out he’s super nice and we talked ‘marketing’ for a while.

After the seminar, I decided to check out his blog… and what I saw totally blew me away… I’ve always wanted to use a blog with my niche sites, I just haven’t been able to figure out HOW. Once I saw Chris’s blog the light bulb instantly went off and things started to click.I saw a killer blog FULL of awesome content, interesting articles, videos and most of all …ATTITUDE.

I also saw a COMMUNITY full of readers who were engaged and wanting more. I signed up to his newsletter list and started following his moves…. and one thing I noticed right away… he just “gets it” like no one else when it comes to using a badass blog to make a lot of money online

A few months later, Chris invites me to a seminar he’s speaking at…

…the night before we’re at the restaurant and I just happened to ask him, “Chris… man, I love your blog, if you don’t mind me asking, how’s it doing?”When he told me, I almost spit out my iced tea.

“What?!?… are you kidding me?”“No, I’m not…” with a slight smirk.Since that weekend, I’ve been revamping the way I communicate with my subscribers and customers and its all centered around having an entire marketing method focusing around a killer BLOG based on talking with Chris.

There’s absolutely no question using the methods you’re gonna learn from Chris can help your blog get laser targeted traffic, build a loyal following and make a ton of money.”

Dave Miz


“Seven Boot Camp Locations in Just Three Months”

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Jeff Jones

“With Chris’s Help I Now Do Over $20,000 Per MONTH In Group Personal Training”

Callie Durbrow

“I began fitness business coaching with Chris McCombs in March of 2009. I had been reading his blogs and knew it was time for me to make a change. I was working 10-12 hours per day doing 1 on 1 training like most people. I loved the work but knew it couldn’t go on like that forever.

I was immediately drawn to Chris’ ideas and systems. Right from the start he made it simple and easy to follow.We began by revamping my entire website and setting up the systems to rank well in Google. This has allowed me to sit back and let the clients come right to me.

Within just a few months I was ranking highly and now hold spots in the top 3 for my keywords and cities around Boston.Chris also got me to maximize my time by training in groups and now I see 3-6 people per hour and only work about 5 hours per day! My schedule is so jam packed that I can completely dictate who and when I train, and allow myself freedom to enjoy my free time and work ON my business.

With Chris’ help I also set all my clients up on EFT which has pretty much doubled my monthly income and made it so easy because I never have to make a sale again. Over the last year we developed systems for client retention, online marketing and closing sales. My client retention rates have been close to 100% with every client purchasing at least 6 months worth of group training.

Chris’ coaching program has literally changed my life and has given me the confidence, mindset, systems and tools, and the motivation to double my income again next year!

Because of Chris I Now Do Over $20,000 per MONTH in Group Personal Training”

Callie Durbrow
CSCS*D, USAW Sports Performance Coach

“I launched a six week program for my bootcamps and sold out in 90 minutes!”

Steve de la Torre

“Just wanted to give you some props. I consumed your blogging program the day I got it and and started implementing your teachings immediately. It helped me build my list to from 100 people to 170 in 2 weeks and today I launched a six week program for my bootcamps and sold out in 90 minutes! This is my first program launch of this kind and I made $1200 in about 90 minutes! Can’t tell you how freakin excited I am cuz this is just the beginning for me! Thank you for your wisdom and coaching!”

Steve de la Torre

“Because of what I have learned from you I am now able to hang out with my son more, something that I wished my father and I had done when I was growing up.!”

Christian Aguirre

“Hey Chris! My name is Christian Aguirre and I’m from the San Francisco Northern California area. I currently own a personal training studio in Hercules California thanks to you and your products.

Before I learned about internet marketing or your blog, I was a fitness manager & general manager for a big corporate gym. Since becoming a manager I broke many company records by hitting my club goal for 4 years straight. I was making a ton of money (a good mid level 6 figures) but working 16 hour days, stressed out every single month trying to make my nut!
When my son was born, I knew that I wanted to spend more quality time with him instead of working like a slave making someone else money. So one day I just decided to quit my high paying corporate job and decided to start my own personal training business.

One of the qualities I had that most trainers weren’t good at, was selling personal training. I can walk up to people all day and sell training, but I didn’t know how to attract or market a personal training business.

So one day at 3 a.m. in the morning I googled “fitness marketing” and came across “KickBackLife.Com” The first thing I saw was this big bald headed guy that looked like a skin head talking about how he can get training clients in his sleep.
What made me interested to keep reading your blog was the fact you used to smuggle drugs and served sometime. Where I’m from in the Bay Area, going to jail and selling drugs was a very common thing in my neighborhood growing up. I have cousins and friends that have went to jail for drug distribution and other gang affiliated crimes.

Funny thing was that because you sold drugs and went to jail, I felt you were a trust worthy guy “That Kept It Real” & wasn’t fake. I’m very skeptical of people who protray themselves as perfect or speak real proper.

But with you I wasn’t skeptical because you looked and talked like guys I knew growing up. I know tons of guys I grew up with that had the same or similar story like you.Because I could trust you I decided to get on your email list and follow your advice.

I decided to invest in a website and so I hired Shingo to put together my website. I had market annihilator for 60 days free. At the time I was so broke I went through all the videos at least 5 time each day because I knew I couldn’t pay the membership fees a month.I started to apply everything I learned from market annihilator & your other info products:building incoming links from high PR sites
Getting links and building traffic by commenting other blogs
Guest blogging for other blogs to get incoming links
Submitted my website to all the directories
Optimized my blog
Published a blog post 3 days a week
Created Facebook Ads where I was sending my traffic to a squeeze page and building a list
Started to implement email marketing
Posted 25 Craig list ads a day
YouTube Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Article marketing
Google Local
Started to hire link builders to help get my site to the top of the search engines.
Creating systems in my business
Direct response marketing
Because I followed every step you layed out in all your products, within 1 year I was able to:
get the #1 positions in google for over 67 terms for my fitness business.
A targeted email list of 2,000 local prospects
I’m averaging 7,000 unique visitors to my blog every single month
Have good quality leads calling or emailing me everyday about my services
Went from a 1300 sq ft studio to 2800 sq ft facility
Out grew my facility and had to move to a bigger studio within a 12 month period
I now have 5 trainers & a massage therapist working for me
Currently have 217 clients
23 online clientsNow training 15 hours a week, but soon I will fire myself from my studio and hire more trainers to do the work for me
Since my personal training studio is running at full speed I decided to focus on several information products. I just started a brand new membership site and several virtual coaching programs for my email list and prospects that can’t afford my services yet.I can’t tell you how much your blog and your info products has truly changed my family’s life. Taking action and following all your products I have learned how to automate my marketing, create systems so that my business run without me, and creating several different income streams out of thin air. Because of what I have learned from you I am now able to hang out with my son more, something that I wished my father and I had done when I was growing up.
Sorry for the length of this testimonial, just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found your blog. It has truly improved my business and perspective on life.
If I don’t win the free seo for a month…it’s ok because I wanted to share with you how much your info products has truly improved my income, freedom to hang out with my wife and son, and gave me the opportunity to improve the lives of so many people in my community on a daily basis.

Thank you for creating the best products for fitness professionals. You are truly gifted and talented at what you do.”

Thank you for everything,

Christian Aguirre
Hercules, CA

“I now write for two magazines that go out to 12000 homes, one online publication that gets 600 hits per day and I write blogs for one large local newspaper! This is within 10 days of buying the product for 17 UK pounds!”


Before I discovered Chris’s products I was a certified trainer sat in a office job! I wasn’t very happy at all and had my friends telling me that I wouldn’t achieve anything with my certification. I then started training people part time and within a few months came across.

“How to turn your fitness passion into profits” since that time (about 12 months ago) the following has happened to me:- I am now a full time trainer with 60% of my client on EFT and 40% doing 30 minute sessions (this is a key strategy for me in 2011 as well)-

Thanks to Chris, I now write for four fitness blogs and now help new trainers with article marketing- Thanks to media profits, I now write for two magazines that go out to 12000 homes, one online publication that gets 600 hits per day and I write blogs for one large local newspaper! This is within 10 days of buying the product for 17 UK pounds!I just want to opportunity to thank

Chris and the work he does for the fitness industry, I have achieved more in the last 15 months than I ever have in my life. I am now a share holder in a large UK fitness franchise organisation and thanks to the tactics and kick up the ass I get from Chris’s products, blogs and e-mails, we are going to crush it in 2011!

If any trainer isn’t using Chris’s methods then you must spend the time and money investing in this knowledge. The information I have received for FREE from Chris has made me a better trainer and more motivated person. I now recommend Chris’s products to every trainer that crosses my path and will continue to do so!

Thanks Chris and I appreciate the opportunity to big you up!John Hill, Birmingham, UKI don’t really care if I win, just wanted to say thanks! If I don’t speak to you before Babs, happy holidays to you and the team!

Best Wishes, John

“When I want new business, I simply send out en email to my list and make an offer and not only is now easy to get new clients, it’s FUN!”

JJ Brawley

“Before signing up with Chris, I was totally lost, unorganized and above all else BROKE! I know I am good trainer, others think I am great trainer, and I had even been voted as the best personal trainer in my area by several popular publications.

Above all that, the results I get with my clients speaks for themselves. But for some reason I just wasn’t getting enough new clients to make a living and so I knew that if I was going to be successful in this business I needed to learn how to do marketing. I started to research marketing for personal trainers online and found Chris.

At first I was skeptical and did not take any action. I had been reading his blogs and emails for about a month, as well as the blogs and emails of others offering similar services. Finally, something clicked and I made the decision to hire Chris as my mentor.

It was quite simply the best decision I have ever made and one I will never regret. In the one year time frame working with Chris, I learned how to write direct response sales copy, I learned the truth about SEO and which tactics would really work and which were total scams. I learned about PPC and other ways to utilize the internet in ways I didn’t realize were possible.

My income has doubled and I am now closer than ever to my goal of making a 6 figure income. II can now say that all of my clients come from the internet and that I don’t have to waste my time with public appearances or networking groups to get clients.

When I want new business, I simply send out en email to my list and make an offer and not only is now easy to get new clients, it’s FUN!

Thanks Chris, you have made a difference in my life, and my wife thanks you as well!”

JJ Brawley, N.C.P.T

“Because of these Strategies I Now Own Almost The mitchWhole First Page Of Google For My Local Area”

Zach Hunt

What I’ve received from Chris has paid itself off atleast a hundred times over. Because of a few simple things Chris showed me

I went from making $39 an hour to now making $237.00 per hour AND I cut my work hours in half. It’s without a doubt the best investment I’ve ever made into my personal training business.

His strategies, business systems and never-ending flow of cutting-edge ideas have saved me tens of thousands of dollars and years of trial and error, shortcutting my business success and allowing me to literally dominate my local area on AND off the Internet

.Because of these strategies I now own almost the whole first page of Google for my local area. I’m first in the local listing, first in the pay-per-click, and first and second in the organic listings as well as having 7 of the top 10 organic spots on the page.

I just hope my competition doesn’t find out about him because he definitely is the secret weapon to my success.

Chris knows how to help ANY personal trainer make a strong six-figure income while only working a few hours a day.

I feel bad for any trainers who don’t sign up for Chris’s program because I doubt they will ever truly rise to the level of success they could in their business or have the kind of freedom that Chris’s business strategies will allow you to have.”

Zach Hunt
Personal Trainer and Fitness Studio Owner
Spokane, Washington

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Mitchell Lee

“$21,047.63 and it’s only been 3 weeks”

“Chris, because of you I have written $21,137.63 in training and it’s only been 3 weeks since I started your coaching. I haven’t even done any mailers or even launched my website yet!

This is all from referrals you showed me how to get. In 3 weeks your coaching has already paid for itself seven time over”

Omar Morales
Orlando Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor

“Over $125,000.00 in value to my business”

Craig Ballantyne

“I like to think that I know what I’m doing with my online marketing, after all, having the world’s most popular home workout e-book isn’t just by dumb luck. But I got ‘schooled’ by Chris McCombs when it comes to the latest and greatest blog secrets that will score me 10x’s the traffic I’m getting now.

We did one phone call of not even 45 minutes, and I guarantee he added over $125,000.00 in value to my business in just that short amount of time. Heck, only a few of his tips could easily help a beginner go from no clients to 2- 3 full bootcamps everyday.

The guy is a client-generating magician. I can’t believe he isn’t just keeping this info to himself.

So if Chris can teach this old dog new tricks, just imagine what he can do for you. He could literally build you a complete six-figure business with just 10% of his knowledge.

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Craig Ballantyne
Author of Turbulence Training

“I Am Now Confident To Compete With The Big Bodybuilding Sites Like”

Vince DelMonte

“Hey Chris… Thanks for the consult on my blog. Your insights and techniques behind your philosophy are going to result in a completely new experience for my customer.

It’s hard to believe I never applied that mindset to my blog before. Every time I went onto your blog, I knew there was something different… but couldn’t put a finger on it.I am now confident to compete with the big bodybuilding sites like and have some super easy ways to keep my readers on my blog longer, tell their friends and have it be the highlight of their day.

You’re a wealth of info bud and I love your passion and enthusiasm for helping others. You’re a truly genuine and inspiring man – keep rockin.

[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”16300″]

Vince DelMonte
Fitness Author Trainer

“Went from $5,000 a Month to Over $30,000.00 a Month Because of Chris McCombs”

I’d read “all the books”, gone through “all the courses”, and spent plenty of money and time doing what consultants, and gurus, and teachers TOLD me would work.

But with all the courses, there was always this little voice in the back of my head saying “this is internet marketing, this is probably bullshit, and you can’t REALLY do this, this isn’t REALLY possible”.

Yes, I had gone through all the courses. I had studied everything. But, strangely, Chris got me to actually believe that this whole online business thing was real (and not just a pipe-dream created by marketing teachers to sell me expensive shit).

And it was when I truly, deep-down, believed it was possible that my dreams became a reality … I started executing like a madman because I finally had recaptured the enthusiasm and “I can do anything” outlook of excitement that I had when I first got started.

Watching Chris not only gave me confidence, but it also gave me an airtight PLAN (that I had 100% faith in) and a simplified, workable structure for moving foward.

And within three months of watching Chris do his thing, my income skyrocketed. In fact, I pretty much learned from Chris’ plan of attack … and adapted his approach to my market.

And within three months of seeing what he did, I’d tripled my income… And Then It Happened Again. And Again. And Again.

At the very next conference I attended, I ran into Chris again. He SHOWED me behind the scenes of another promotion he’d run (he told me what he did, showed me his copy and conversion stats).

I implemented. And I made money. AGAIN… In fact, I made about $12k within the next three weeks.

Clay Collins
The Marketing Show
Creator of Lead Player

“I Went From Zero Clients to 63 Paying Clients in Less Than Seven Weeks!”

Joshua Brockman

Because of Chris McCombs I went from zero clients to 63 paying clients in less than seven weeks. Chris knows how to turn any personal training business into an automatic non-stop cash generating machine that brings in new business even while you sleep.”

Joshua Brockman
Personal Trainer
Irvine, California

“Tripled the Number of Clients I Have”

Luke Wold

“Yo Chris!
I just wanted to let you know about some KILLER results I’ve been getting with just a few things I’ve used from your Program.

First off, I had no idea where to start with a website. A company built one for me, it didn’t do anything I wanted, and then it turned out I didn’t even OWN the domain I’d been putting on all of my stuff!

So I followed the step by step videos and for less than 20 bones, and about an hour, I had a blog up and running. That I own.This is HUGE! I’m a dude who doesn’t use computers, and I set up a blog that is ALREADY kickin’ ass Seriously, I felt like the dude from Hackers.

Then I used a few of the site promotion techniques from Market Annihilator and here are some really quick results for my main keyword phrases on google:

Carson City Personal Training: 1,3,4 (and this is a nested listing)Carson City Personal Trainer: 1,3 (nested), 4 (nested) 9 (nested)Look at that, man! For Carson City Personal Trainer

I come up SEVEN TIMES on the first page of Google.

And that’s without using the Google Local techniques you teach (you clever bastard) or any paid advertising. No adwords or anything yet.Total cost for gettting on the first page of google 7 times: $21.73, about 2 hours, 0 help. This ALONE tripled the number of clients I have.But I want you to tell everyone I did this shiznit without even using most of your advice.I love you you show everything step-by-step

…you make marketing my personal training business on the internet EASY.Thanks Chris, for everything!

~ Luke Wold

PS – Because of your time management and systemization techniques I’m also working wayyyy fewer hours and actually enjoying my days again. Before Market Annihilator, I was one bad day away from quitting training and becoming a bouncer again. Now I’m planning on opening my own gym by the end of the year. Thank you Chris!!!”

Mitch Lee

“On the First Page of Google Organic for my Keywords After Only 1 Month…”

Trent Thomason

Chris McCombs knows his stuff.

From SEO, PPC, to general fitness business, his strategies work. My Google Adwords campaigns are costing me less and getting double the click through rate they were before, and my website is already on the first page of Google organic for my keywords after only 1 month!

Trent Thomason
Texas Boot Camp Owner

“4-6 Multiple Listings on Page 1 of Google”

Nii Wilson

With the Market Annihilator I sleep better at night knowing that I have this information at hand. I am probably in the most competitive fitness market on the planet New York City and I have no problem getting 4-6 multiple listings on page 1 of Google for my blog posts and boot camp videos.

Nii Wilson
NYC Boot Camp Instructor

“I Have More Clients, More Time, and More Money…”

Marci Lall

Over the past few months I’ve taken Chris’s undercover tactics and applied them to my businesses (on and offline) with huge success. I have more clients, more time, and more money.

The stuff Chris taught me was simply mind blowing and CAN’T BE FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE.Everything that comes out of this guys mouth is solid gold and he gives me more “ah ha” moments than I can count. His enthusiasm and vast knowledge will truly take your business to the next level and beyond.

Chris – thanks a million for all your help, I truly appreciate it.

Marci Lall
Toronto Personal Trainer and Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Specialist

” I ***TRIPLED*** My Business in Less Than 3 Months…”

Alexander Morentin

Hi Chris,Let me start by saying that my life has changed dramatically since I first ran across your blog.Here’s what has transpired since finding your blog in October…OctoberRead your post on your blog describing how you originally built your business by training people for free. Thought about it and said: “What the hell, I’ll give it a try.”

November Marketed a free group training series for the month of December.

December Started December classes with 7 paid clients and 18 “freebies”.Joined Market Annihilator

JanuaryRetained my 7 original clients and added 8 more paid clients from the 18 freebies. Total of 15 paid clients. Also, offered recurring billing at the beginning of January, which most of the clients opted for. Used SEO tactics for generic listings and started utilizing to generate leads from the internet.

FebruaryHave 7 new paying clients and 2 more 1 week free trial prospects obtained in the month of February.

***I’ve gone from 7 paying clients in December to 22 paid clients in the month of February***

Most of which are now on recurring billing.In other words, I ***TRIPLED*** my business in less than 3 months.

I’ve done everything that you have asked me to do and took massive action to implement it.Thanks Chris for everything. Your systems work… and they work extremely well.

Alexander Morentin
Fullerton Personal Trainer

“I Have Achieved More in the Last 6 Months Than the Last 6 YEARS…”

Adam Toohey

After seeing the kind of value Chris was delivering at this blog I jumped on board for his AMAZING program.

I have achieved the following page and position rankings on Google with these key words…

Fat Loss Tips for Women: Page 1 position 33 Top Fat Loss tips for women: Pg 1 No. 1 & 5Womens Fat Loss Videos: Page 1, no. 1, & 2Womens Fat Loss Series: Page 1, no. 1,2,4,5,6 and 8Etobicoke Personal Trainer: Page 1 no. 10I have a specific niche that I will be targeting and with the help from Chris and I have no doubt I will dominate this niche and the Bootcamp Market in TO.Thanks again Chris.

I have achieved more in the last 6 months than the last 6 years.

Adam Toohey
Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor
from Australia now killing it in Canada

“A Total Increase in income of $12900… Not Bad for 12 weeks…”

Scott Williams

Hi Chris,I am pleased to say that this also took our Bootcamp numbers of referrals from 19 for our last 12 week program to 48 for this 12 weeks A total increase in income of $12900 not bad for 12 weeks!!!!I believe marketing your fitness business online is super important as it can really become a great way to generate a steady income whilst giving you more time to focus on other things in the business( or relax if you like).

Scott Williams
CEO, Managing Director
Succeed Personal Development

Jonathan Learner
Personal Trainer
Vancouver Canada

“Top of The Search Engines”

Jeremy Nelms

“In one short hour Chris showed me how to get ranked at the top of the search engines, how to dominate my local area in terms of Pay-Per-Click traffic while paying half as much per click as my competitors, how to use free classified ads in a way that gets the phone practically ringing off the hook with hot leads AND how to build an army of clients who consistently generate referrals.

I’ve been around the fitness marketing arena for a while now and let me tell ya, Chris is in a league of his own when it comes getting rich as a personal trainer.”

Jeremy Nelms
Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor, Fitness Studio Owner
Prescott, Arizona

“Chris is a Fitness Marketing Genius”

Barry Lovelace

“Chris was able to tear apart my marketing pieces and within minutes he showed me multiple areas that could be improved by just a few simple tweaks. He has eyes like a hawk and can dissect ANY marketing piece showing you exactly how, what and where you can instantly improve it to dramatically increase response… which means more money in your pocket… the guy is a friggin’ genius.

I feel sorry for any personal trainer who doesn’t know about him.

Barry Lovelace
Personal Trainer, Fitness Marketer
Allentown, PA

Zach Even - Esh“Dude, your coaching session rocks BIG time! I have NEVER been given such laser focused, powerful information on how to double my business rapidly. You are the Man and anyone reading this would be wise to know that your coaching will easily double their income if they’re ready to take action!”

Zach Even – Esh

“Everything from PPC, SEO, Social Media, CopyWriting and Blogging”

Justin Goff

“Chris is not only one of the best marketers in the fitness industry, but one of the best marketers I know online (and I know a lot of them).

He truly understands how to tap into the psychological triggers that we all have, and it’s something that really puts him on another level from other marketers.

When I first started my mastermind group, Chris was the #1 person that I wanted to have in the group. He really understands everything from PPC, SEO, Social Media, CopyWriting and Blogging. You’re a NUT if you don’t buy the products and services Chris puts out.

Justin Goff

“Using Chris McCombs Strategies I’m Now Booked Solid at $120.00 Per Hour”

Berke Brown

Using Chris McCombs strategies I’m now booked solid $120.00 per hour and actually have so many clients I have to hire other trainers to do a lot of the training for me.If you want get to the top search engines then you definitely want to join the Market Annihilator Program

Berke Brown
Owner of I-Gym Personal Training

“I’ve Been Able to Add an ADDITIONAL $5,378.67 to $13,239.53 of Revenue to my Personal Training Business Every Month!”

“When I first learned about Chris I was a little skeptical because of his brutally-honest rough-around-the-edges personality. However, I can say with absolute confidence that working with Chris is BY FAR one of the best things I have ever done. He knows how to generate high paying personal training clients like no one else on the planet.

From the systems Chris helped set up I’ve been able to add an ADDITIONAL $5,378.67 to $13,239.53 of revenue to my personal training business every month.

Kardena Pauza
Personal Trainer and Miss America Fitness Winner 2006 and 2007

“Because of Chris’s Internet Marketing Principles I Now Make $8,230.00 a Month and I Only Work Two Days a Week”

Sylvia Camarillo

One I applied the internet marketing principles Chris taught me the results were amazing. I went from working 10-12 hours a day to working 2-3 hours a day and only working two days a week. And now I’m making $8,230.00 a month and am able to spend a lot more time at home with my husband and son”

Sylvia Camarillo
Owner of “My Pilates Studio” and “My Pilates Body Boot Camp”

“Create a Readership of Raving Fans and Have People Counting the Seconds til’ Your Next Blog Post”

Jason Ferruggia

“Chris McCombs is THE MAN when it comes to blogging, captivating an audience and creating a tribe. I’ve learned SO MUCH by consulting with him and studying his methods, and I know that what he’s taught me will continue to pay huge dividends long into the future.

If you want to learn how to create a readership of raving fans and have people counting the seconds til’ your next blog post or update, do what exactly what Chris tells you… when it comes to blogging, NO ONE understands it like he does”

Jason Ferruggia
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Chief Training Adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine – The Most Popular Strength Training Blog in The World

“We No Longer Have to Work at a Gym And Our Online Business Runs Itself”

Hey Chris! Just wanted to tell you that Karena and I from appreciate everything you have helped us with!

After your phone coaching we became super motivated and made things happen. When we applied your strategies to our business, we were able to really build our brand. In the past year things have exploded for us. We no longer have to work at a gym, we now put all of our energy into our brand while our online business runs itself. We receive phone calls every week from people asking for trainers by googling ‘personal trainer’… which is so cool!

We also launched our diet plan and our workout dvd is about to come out. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you 😉 I will keep you updated on our projects!

Katrina Hodgson
Personal Trainer, Model, Blogger and Fitness Info-Marketer

“I Now Bring in Over 35K Each Month and Work Less Than When I Only Made 5k Per Month”

“I came across Chris’s site about 18 months ago and began reading about how good a blog was. I had been thinking about doing it for awhile before, but after about 3 months of reading his information I decided to get one started. It was one of the best business decisions I could make. Chris has helped me learn how to monetize the blog as well as how to structure blog posts to get the most interaction with my readers. Before starting my blog I was making about 5K/month as a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor. I now bring in over 35K each month and I do less work now! But much more importantly than the money, I am able to connect with my audience and build a relationship with them. I learn so much through my readers and am extremely passionate about my blog and love doing it. I don’t know a better way to gain so much credibility, and allow someone to speak their mind and share what is going on, than doing so in a blog.If you’re fitness professional and you don’t have a blog, you are crazy not to invest in Chris’s blogging system. It could change your life and revolutionize your business.” Thanks Chris!

Dustin Maher


* Results are not typical. Advertised results are only typical of people who worked their tails off and followed every one of the fitness marketing strategies and personal training tips that I outline on my site to really explode their fitness business. Also, if you click on a link on my site to someone else's product, there's a good chance I'm makin' a profit off of it, probably even a steep one.