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Home Page – Fitness marketing home page for tips on personal trainer marketing and great fitness blog posts.

The Basics

Starting a Personal Training Business – Here’s the basics you need to know to start your own fitness training business… and it’s different than what 99% of the industry would have you believe.

Personal Training Business Ideas – Simple strategies to get your personal training business up and running so you don’t have to become a slave to your business.

Become a Personal Trainer – Thinking about becoming a personal trainer?  Not sure where to start?  This is a great article to check out with some beginning steps for starting your own personal trainer business.

How to Grow a Personal Training Business – A short article on how to grow your personal training business using tried and true methods, including ways to outsource, how to manage your billing efficiently, and how to use your time best.

Get Personal Training Referrals – Referrals are the cheapest and most effective way to grow your personal training or fitness business.  Check out this article on some good ways you can have your clients bringing in referrals.

Fitness Trainer Tools – Tools that every trainer should check into to help grow their business.  These tools will help you get your time under control and figure out what you need to do to really get your business going great.

Fitness Business Coach – You’ve probably spent a lot of time building your business, but maybe you’re at the point where you have read everything, signed up for every program, applied every concept, and you’re still looking for more, looking to really kick your business up to the next level. Sometimes a book or course can only teach you so much, and there is a certain level of learning that you have to gather from mentors. This fitness article lets you know where to start.

How to Develop Personal Training Business Plans – If you’re just starting out in the personal training business it’s important that you know where you’re going and how you’re getting there – a business plan.  But it can be difficult to put a plan together if you don’t even know where to start.  Read this for tips on how to put a plan together to get your business on track from day one.  

Personal Trainer Website Design Template – With the internet as popular as it is, it’s super important that you have a great website to attract traffic to.  People want to learn about you easily online, and if you don’t make it easy for them to do so then you’re cutting yourself short.  Check this out for tips on how to create a great personal trainer website that is aesthetically pleasing and will convert viewers into clients.

Starting a Fitness Boot Camp – New trainers looking to get into boot camp training should read this for tips on how to set up a great boot camp and get clients easily.  These tips are vital for new training programs just getting started.

Common Personal Trainer Mistakes – Need to read this so you can make sure to avoid these pitfalls that lots of personal trainers make.  You don’t want to be stuck struggling because of bad habits and poor business practices.  Avoid these mistakes!

Fitness Marketing Strategies

Creating Good Fitness Websites – You need to have a great website up these days as almost NO ONE stops to pick up a phone book. Here are some examples of good fitness websites – or at least the elements in good fitness websites that your website needs to have.

Personal Trainer Business Cards – A cheap way to market yourself that a lot of trainers forget about or don’t think is that important. As a trainer, you need to learn to market yourself ANY way you can, and business cards are definitely one of the cheapest ways that you can advertise yourself.

How to Advertise a Fitness Business – Things you need to consider when putting together a marketing campaign for your business, and ideas on how to construct a solid campaign including identifying your target market, figure out the best place to advertise based on your market, and other solid information that will really improve your fitness marketing.

Personal Trainer Email Marketing – Very clear basics on how to get more clients through email marketing. This article walks you through getting emails from an opt-in page to how many emails you should send to any list you have. Simple explanations for someone new to the idea.

Writing Fitness Articles – Some tips on writing articles for article directories or for landing pages. Basic formatting, organization, keyword placement, and suggestions for how to incorporate great sales copy into your article.

Personal Trainer Advertising – Personal trainers really need to focus on internet advertising as it is the way most advertising is going and nobody these days is as interested in a flier or picking up a phone book as they are about looking something up online. This article is great as it walks you through some basics of google rankings and adwords campaigns to get you started with your online advertising.

Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas – Tons of free marketing ideas for your fitness business including online advertising, business sales strategies, and ways to dominate your local fitness market without spending a ton of money on ads.

How to Get More Personal Training Clients – A short video on getting more personal training clients using some crazy tricks that are work because they’re based off of universal human behaviors and emotions.  These tricks are frequently used by pick up artists because they work so well, and can help you get more fitness training clients than ever.

How to Hire Article Writers – If you’re running a fitness business it’s super important for your website to rank for your keyword terms.  Posting to article directories can really help you increase your page rank, but what you’ll need to do is have some articles first to post in those directories.  This post walks you through screening and hiring an article writer to help you with this project.

Health Club and Gym Marketing

Health Club Promotions – If you’re planning on starting a marketing campaign for your health club this is a must read. From how to build your campaign, to how to run your promotions best for a health club. Very simple and straightforward but super powerful information.

Health Club Business Plan – The thing about business plans is that there isn’t one format for it. You tailor your business plan to whatever you’re planning to use it: whether just to put in print what your business is about, or to present it to potential investors. This article can you give you an idea of what to shoot for and where to start in your fitness business planning.

Gym Promotions – More than just increase your gym’s clients, promotions can also help build your brand image, promote new products, and position yourself in the market. Read this to learn more about targeting your promotions and developing a solid attack plan. There are also a lot of great ideas in this article on how to promote your gym in your community.

Health Club Email Marketing – Health Club and fitness centers all over the country go out of business almost daily. Very few truly succeed. To counter this trend and make sure yours is a success read this article on an extremely effective way to market your business.

Fitness Info Marketing

Fitness Information Marketing – A short post on 10 reasons some fitness marketers are successful and others are not.  Fitness marketers need to differentiate themselves and really strategize to get to where they want.  They have to create systems and effective business models that will make money for them so they can have the unique opportunity to live a life of freedom.

Twitter Marketing to Drive Traffic To Your Blog
Twitter is a great social networking site you can use to get more visitors to your site.  The great thing is it can get your name or website out to a lot of different people, and if your tweets are interesting or informative enough people will retweet your posts to share with their friends.  Excellent tool for bloggers and websites.  This post has some step by step instructions to walk you through it.