How to Charge More Than Other Personal Training Businesses and Bootcamps

I wanna share with you something that holds a lot of great trainers back from being able to charge what they're worth. I'm talking about trainers who know what they're doing in the gym, love helping people, have a clear idea of where they want their business to be, spend time marketing, care about their clients getting results and do everything in their power to help their clients get those results... But this one thing holds em' back and keeps em' competing on price—which is something you DEFINITELY do not wanna do They don't differentiate themselves from every other training program … [Read more...]

7 Pull-Marketing Strategies For Fitness Professionals

Guest Post by Georgette Pann Recently I’ve heard some fitness professionals telling me that they’re having a hard time getting clients. Most of these professionals blame the economy. They assume that all fitness professionals are struggling to fill their bootcamps and training sessions. But you know what? That’s not true. There are some fitness professionals who’re absolutely thriving right now. Every year, even during the worst economic slumps, they fill their bootcamps and training sessions to capacity. And these fitness pros don’t need to work 14-hour days or get a second job just to make … [Read more...]

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