Personal Fitness Training Marketing Strategies, Techniques, Ideas and Tips

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If you’ve ever wondered “How do I market myself as a personal trainer?” then you’re in the right place

This site site is full of information just for you

These Personal Training Marketing strategies will have you blowing away your competition in no time… because most of them will never discover these little know secrets, tips, tricks and principles…

Does your personal fitness training business operating at a level of financial success you know it desrerves to? If it does… do you have a lot of free time to go with the financial success that your business creates. I bet the answer is no.

This website teaches you personal trainer marketing and fitness trainer marketing strategies and cutting edge ideas that work so well your competition will wonder what the hell happened.

The good news is that these personal trainer marketing strategies, tips, techniques and ideas are free and they work like friggin’ gang busters… I know… because I’ve used them myself.

I’ve had a lot of success as a trainer myself and I absolutely love to blog so I figured what’s more fun to blog about than the exact strategies that made me successful today.

I struggled to build my own training business at one point until I discovered the fitness marketing and personal trainer, internet marketing strategies that bring my business new clients on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, these strategies work so well that they bring in clients when I’m on vacation, while I’m at the movies, or even when I’m sleeping… and it’s all on auto-pilot… working for me 24/7 while I do whatever the hell it is that I want to… but trust me… there’s nothing special about me… I was just willing to do whatever it took so I could learn how to market a personal training business and grow it fast.

The sad fact is your average trainer only makes $29,000 a year while the personal trainers I know who apply these strategies make six figure incomes and work part-time hours. These marketing strategies work so well that you’ll be able to charge premium prices and you’ll have a line of qualified prospects just waiting to work with you… plus I’ll show you how to outsource almost everything.

It is to teach you strategies, so you can dominate your local personal training market and get lots of new clients on a regular basis.

It’s going to teach you how to crush your competition, cut your work hours in half, and triple your income. These are tried and tested strategies that makes old school direct response marketing with the cutting edge technology with internet marketing, bringing you new clients all the time.

This website will also teach you offline marketing strategies, how to set up sales systems, and proper time management strategies, so you can work very few hours but maximize the time spent working and make hell of a lot of money.

Feel free to browse the topics in the nav bar and read everything that’s offered here.

There’s ton of personal training marketing techniques, strategies and ideas here to help launch you and your business to the next level of success and freedom.

Here’s a few tips you can use right away:

1. Every hour that you’re not booked solid with paying clients load those hours up with pro-bono clients who can pay you with referrals – you’ll be amazed at just how many personal training referrals some people will be able to get you.

2. Learn PPC – Pay Per Click Marketing ( read Perry Marshalls book if you haven’t)

3. Learn Direct Response Marketing – I’ll be teaching a lot of that right here on this site… but I’d also get hip to a few of the masters like Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert ( the late great Halbert)

4. Focus on adding value to as many peoples lives as possible

5. Create solid personal training sales systems within your business

6. Become a serious student of time management

7. Realize the path from here to where you want to be is a zig zag and not a straight line.

Like I said, this website is to teach you tons of strategies for free and it gets into great depth on many of these topics. All I ask is that if you like what you learn, please spread the word about this site. Thanks for visiting and your first step should be to go under the topic section under the right upper hand corner of the page and look around so you can get started learning what you need to do today to double your business, to explode your profits, cut your work hours, kill your competition, and dominate your local market, so if anyone in your area is searching for a personal trainer you are the only choice.

Chris McCombs

Personal Trainer and Marketer

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If you’re wondering “How do I market myself as personal trainer?” then I’ll just you just what to do

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