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Training, Nutrition, Marketing, Sales, Business Building, Productivity, Billing, Email Marketing and Management, Equipment, Education, Certifications, Software, Fitness Toys and Much More… All in one handy place for you (=

Getting Started

PT Start-Up Kit – Everything you need to start your PT Biz from the ground up… this thing is jam packed, if you’re just getting started, start here

Marketing and Client-Getting

50 Clients Fast – 50 Clients Fast is a 12-week step-by-step coaching program where two of the best coaches in the fitness industry, Pat Rigsby & Ryan Ketchum, give you weekly assignments that will get you 50 NEW  CLIENTS in just 12 weeks

Client Blitz – Use these client-getting strategies to skyrocket your training business and pull in more money in the next few months than in the previous year … guaranteed

Fitness Copywriting Service  – Whether you want people to pick up the phone and call you, give you their email address to get your free report, come in for a free or paid trial, or pull out their credit card and purchase your program on the spot, I can help. I’ll actually write your web and ad copy for you.

21 Day Belly Blast Promotion – This 21 day promo will not only help you get more clients, it will also help your clients get better results. A win-win for all involved

Boot Camp Business Builder – The best boot camp marketing and training tactics and strategies distilled down into one course

Instant Fitness Copy – Done for you marketing copy you can just plug into your business, and let it do the client-getting for you

7-Figure Emails – Done for you emails you can just plug into your marketing to start getting more clients right away, including 17 email marketing campaigns and 70 per-written emails

Corporate Fitness Contract – Every secret, strategy and bit of information you need to land your first Corporate Fitness Contract – delivered in a step-by-step format so all you have to do is execute the proven plan.

Fitness Contests and Challenges 2.0 – How to market and run highly profitable fitness transformation contests


Fitness Sales Formula – Check out this proven system to close more deals, make more sales, get more clients and make more money.

Business Strategy

52 Week Mentoring – Learn all the powerful techniques, key business principles, processes and systems, planning and business success habits Pat Rigsby and his crew use to help some of the most successful fitness professionals in the world bring out their absolute best and achieve successive next-level bests in business.

Group Training University – Everything you need to know about owning a successful group training business, from training to business strategy, sales, marketing… all of it

Sure Victory Boot Camp Model – A proven way to make a full-time income while drastically cutting back the hours you spend in the gym.

Fitness Business Mix Tape – Loaded with business tips, strategies and tactics for today’s trainer, from two of the industry’s most successful fitness pros.. Luka Hocevar and Steve Krebs

Just Getting Started

PT Start-Up Kit – Everything you need to start your PT Biz from the ground up… this thing is jam packed, if you’re just getting started, start here


Group Training Playbook – Pat Rigsby of the Fitness Consulting Group asked 42 top fitness coaches from a
round the nation to write a chapter giving away one of their best programs. He then compiled it all into one killer resource called the FCG Group Training Playbook. This thing is a monster

Elite Training Mentorship – Your shortcut to becoming a better coach or trainer. Llook over the shoulder of not only one of the world’s best coaches, but several of them, each revealing what they have done and continue to do to stay at the forefront of the field.

Renegade Cardio – Kick-ass workout finishers for you and your clients that take 10 minutes or less and burns 3X more fat than regular cardio.

Group Training University – Everything you need to know about owning a successful group training business… from training to business strategy, sales, marketing… all of it

Smart Group Training – Group personal training is one of the most profitable training models around, but not make the mistake of winging it like so many trainers do these day, Smart Group Training will help you train them in a safe and effective manner, that leads to less injuries and more results

Mike Boyle’s Functional Strength Coach 4.0 – Let Mike Boyle’s most up to date system cultivated from over 30 years of coaching everyone from general fitness clients to athletes ranging from junior high to All Stars in almost every major sport imaginable, guide you to better results with your athletes and training clients.

Alien Training – The world’s first all access idea network for fitness professionals

Complex Conditioning – Barbell Complexes for your clients

Bodyweight Burn – Great bodyweight workouts for you and your clients

Accelerated Muscular Development – Build muscle and get shredded FAST

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 – Learn how to build muscle the REAL way

Underground Strength System – A no non-sense proven road-map for developing brute strength and granite hard muscles

Brawn – Brawn is the exact training style I used in my 20′s to go from an ectomorph to a beast

Super Hero Workout – Build a body that can fight crime, thwart evil and save the world (=

Youth Training

Complete Athletic Development 2.0 – Learn from the industry’s best coaches… like Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson, Latif Thomas, Robert dos Remedios, Dr. Chris Mohr, Dave Schmitz, and Pamela MacElree as they take you step-by-step through training the ENTIRE athlete.

Sports Training Business – This complete course gives you everything you need to know to start your own sports training business, add a sports training element to your boot camp or personal training business, OR take your current sports training business to the next level

Youth Speed Training – Make your athletes faster with this done-for-you system that has proven successful and guarantees you won’t be making the same mistakes that 95% of other Coaches are making

Kids Fit Camp – ‘Fitness Camps’ have become a worldwide phenomena over the past few years and now, you can secure your place as the ‘go to expert’ for YOUTH Fitness Camps in your community with this complete Training and Business Mega System

Youth Training Nutrition Certification – The IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist Certification is the ONLY certification of it’s kind in the industry today covering specific aspects of nutrition for youth fitness participants and young athletes. And it was created by one of the best nutritionists in the world.

For Little Ones

WOD Toys – Plastic toy barbells, kettlebells, plyoboxes and so on to help get little ones started in fitness at an early age


Personal Trainer Foods – Pre-cooked, fresh frozen meals containing no processed fillers or preservatives, it’s delivered to your clients front door step… and it pays you a nice recurring sum of $60 – $80 each month for every training client who you put on the program

Renegade Diet – Jason Ferruggia’s complete intermittent fasting meal program for you and/or your clients… healthy fat loss, serious muscle gain

Carb Cycling for Fitness Professionals – This program is jam packed with what you need to know to get your clients world class results outside of the gym … the other 165 or so hours of the week when you AREN’T training them

4 Cycle Carb Cycling – Scientifically Proven Macro-Patterning Method helps you to lean out while eating lots of carbs

Carb Back Loading – Get complete access to the custom meal plans, templates you can use to apply Carb Back-Loading to your and your client’s schedules, challenges, and goals

The Paleo Solution –  The Paleo Solution incorporates the latest, cutting edge research from genetics, biochemistry and anthropology to help you look, feel and perform your best.

Eat Stop Eat – The Original Breakthrough Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan By Brad Pilon, MS

Metabolic Cooking – Fat loss cookbook

Renegade Recipe Guide – The first plant based recipe guide that focuses not only taste; but also maximal performance and long term health and longevity.

BioTRUST Nutrition – BioTRUST is a great supplement line to offer your clients as a nice additional revenue stream. BioTRUST uses only top-quality, all-natural ingredients that are free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and preservatives, containing the precise Scientific Dose™ of each key ingredient for real results. Strict quality control measures that ensure each and every BioTrust product meets label claims and is guaranteed potent and pure.

Alpha Brain – BRAIN CANDY – Alpha BRAIN is the ideal brain food. Containing nutrients designed to help the body elevate levels of major neurotransmitters, Alpha BRAIN can help you to actualize your mind’s true potential.

ONNIT Supplements and Foods – Brain and body health for the happy human

Vitamix – Professional Series 750 Juicer with 64 oz container, Brushed Stainless Finish – Juicing is the one of the best ways to improve your health and overall sense of well-being. Vitamix makes the best juicers.


TRX Suspension Training – A must have piece of training equipment for all fitness professionals

Resistance Band Training – Resistance bands make for great tools in any trainer arsenal – and when it comes to Resistance Band Training, Dave Schmitz is the man, and his products and programs are second to none

Perform Better – Loaded with tools and equipment for your training business.

ONNIT Training Equipment – Kettlebells, battle ropes, steel clubs, steel maces, steelbells, medicine balls, pull-up bar, weighted vests… great stuff to train your body with, you can’t go wrong with ONNIT

Fat Gripz – Great training tool for developing grip strength and a bad-ass handshake

Heavy Grip –  Real grippers, not those piece of shit plastic ones you see in the sporting goods stores. Full Set of 6 – 100 – 350 Pounds.

Core Programs

Fitness Profits Roadmap – FREE – 9 ways to get more training clients, 3 ways to make more money in your fitness business and two “proven to convert” sales scripts

Tribal Training – This program covers the #1 way to build a fitness training business – MASS networking / referral marketing

Fitness Contests and Challenges – How to market and run highly profitable fitness transformation contests

Fitness Internet Profits – Pull in multiple streams of fitness income and get lots of new training clients, all from the internet. Plus, discover how to become a world famous fitness guru.

Group Training Profits – Earn hundreds of dollars per hour with group personal training… this program will show you how to set it up the RIGHT way

Facility Owning and Operating

Fitness Facility Formula – How to open and operate your own gym or fitness studio

No B.S Warehouse Gym Profits – In this Marketing For Strength Coaches Program, Zach Even-Esh and Elliot Hulse show you how to own a run a highly profitable warehouse gym


Fitness Staffing Solution – How to hire, train and manage your own team

Education and Certifications 

NESTA – National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association – NESTA offers an affordable 4-year NCCA Accredited personal trainer certification and prepares you with important business concepts, as well as some of the best scientific information available.

NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine – As an NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) you’ll design effective and individualized exercise programs for clients and help them achieve their health, fitness, and performance goals.

ACE – American Council on Exercise – Today, ACE is the largest nonprofit fitness certification, education and training organization in the world with nearly 50,000 certified professionals who hold more than 55,000 ACE certifications

ISSA – International Sports Sciences Association – Since 1988, ISSA has educated and provided personal training certification to over 180,000 people and is the first fitness organization in the U.S. to become nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)

ASCM – American College of Sports Medicine – With more than 45,000 members and certified professionals in our esteemed ranks, ACSM represents more than 70 occupations in sports medicine and exercise science

NSCA – National Strength and Conditioning Association – Founded in 1978, the NSCA has been serving its members by bridging the gap between science and application.

Metabolic Training Certification – The only certification offered that was specifically developed to help you address the reason most clients work with a personal trainer or embark on a fitness program at all…fat loss.

Youth Training Nutrition Certification – The IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist Certification is the ONLY certification of it’s kind in the industry today covering specific aspects of nutrition for youth fitness participants and young athletes. And it was created by one of the best nutritionists in the world.

MMA Conditioning Association Certification – Turn your passion for MMA and fitness into huge profits and world class results for your students and members


Wexford University – Wexford University offers Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Sport Psychology Degrees which have direct application (not just theory) in your chosen field. Earn your degree while you save time and money – 100% online

Business Forms and Plans

Fitness Business Plan and Forms – Gain instant access to a complete business plan template, Business Start-Up Forms, Consult and Assessment Forms, an Employee Manual and Guides, Forms for the Front Desk, New Client Bonuses and Much, Much More!

Website Service for Trainers

Fit Pro Websites – FitPro gives you a fully featured, professional fitness website you can create and edit yourself. FitPro is built strictly for Fitness Professionals. It’s quick to setup, extremely easy to customize, and above all affordable.

Software For Scheduling, Session Tracking and Billing

Fit Pro Automator – A complete online solution to run your entire fitness business all from one place… from nutrition, programming, scheduling, fitness assessments and running and tracking everything that goes into your contests

Mindbody Online – Hands down the #1 option for billing your clients, I’ve surveyed my list of trainers and this one won almost 5 to 1. Recurring billing is a must if you own a fitness business.

1AutomationWhiz – This is the shopping cart I use to sell stuff online… been using them for years. You can also use it to sell training right on your website, put your clients on re-curring billing, create a shopping cart on your site and lots of other cool stuff

Email Marketing Software

Super Trainer Formula – A complete done-for-you email marketing solution for fitness professionals

Aweber – Create profitable customer relationships for your fitness business! AWeber’s email marketing tools like professional email signup forms & autoresponder services make it easy for you to build your email list and stay in touch with prospects.

LeadPlayer – This is a video player plugin that allows you to do some incredible things with your videos. Especially capture lots of leads. It’s YouTube compatible and super easy to use

Membership Site and Product Launch Software

Kajabi – This is the software I use to make my salepages, squeeze pages and membership portals … LOVE IT… I’ve ran the last 4 of my launches through it, VERY USER FRIENDLY.


Evernote – My memory is like a piece of Swiss Cheese, filled with holes… I smoked most of it up in the 90’s… Evernote is how I keep things I need to remember all in one easy to access place… It’s on my Iphone, Ipad and Macbook and it’s all synced up… trying to remember stuff stresses me out, so I don’t even try it

Google Calander – There’s lots of Calendar programs out there, this is the one I use and like best

Project Management

Basecamp – This is how I manage my projects and everyone working for me, MUCH easier than email or any other form of communication I know to manage this type of stuff… I don’t know what I do without it

Software for Easily Making Graphics and Diagrams

Creately – This software is what I use for making info-graphics, diagrams, flowcharts, mind-maps… as well as laying stuff out for my web developer or to explain stuff to people in a visual way… I think I pay like $5 a month for it

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