Personal Trainer Business Strategies – Personal Fitness Training Sales Ideas

rage.jpgDon’t let your personal training business stress you out

Are you a personal trainer who feels like your life has been stolen by your business? Do you toil every daylight hour checking up on your email, dealing with mountains of paperwork, and trying to implement marketing techniques that never get as many new clients as you like?  Are you sick of watching your business be stuck in the doldrums, and want to grow continuously, month after month?

Once upon a time, I was too.

I thought getting into business for myself would mean the freedom I had always hoped for, but instead I wound up working twice the hours of anyone else I knew, but was taking home a pittance for my efforts.  After years of frustration and exhaustion, I reached my breaking point.  I decided I was going to do whatever it took find the personal trainer fitness business strategies that would allow me to have the life that I really wanted: fewer hours, more money, and much more freedom.

What did I come up with?

Countless personal fitness training sales and marketing strategies that, when put together, create a dynamic, almost self-sufficient business that allowed me to lead the life I really wanted.  I learned how to draw people in my geographic area to try out my services, get them to keep coming back every week, and spend little time doing any actual work. If this kind of set up sounds appealing to you, then you can definitely benefit from what I am going to be providing on an ongoing basis on this website.

Be sure to check back regularly, because upon almost every visit to site you will probably discover tons of new content offering heaps of personal fitness training sales ideas that you start to put to use right away. And you can believe me when I say that they will probably work better than any techniques you have tried before.  How do I know?  Because I have tried most of them myself, so I know what is waste of time and money and what gets new clients knocking down your door. I also know how to focus your time and energies so the time you do spend working is tremendously efficient.

Really, using your business to give yourself the ideal lifestyle is easy once your learn and apply certain powerful personal training business strategies.

It’s all about recognizing those tasks that give you the most bang for your time, the personal fitness training sales ideas that give you explosive results without you making a massive investment in your time, energy and money.  But it’s also about recognizing things at the other end of the spectrum.  The stuff that eats up your whole day, but doesn’t help your bottom line, doesn’t get you any new clients, and just has you treading water in your business.  Once you really see which is which, you can start immediately doing more of the first category, and less of the second.

I’m giving away all these personal training business strategies for free on my website because I wish I know of them when I started my fitness business, and I hate to see fellow peronsal trainers struggling when they don’t have to.  If you want to spread the word about these personal fitness business strategies and help other people out too, bookmark this site on sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and

There’s tons of info on this site you can use right away to build your business, and here are some quick fitness business building tips you can use right now

1. Remember that action alleviates anxiety, so take action

2. Everyday spend at minimum 1 -2 hours to do something to move you in the direction of your goals

3. Study great personal trainer marketing, read books like ‘Tested Advertising Methods’ and ‘The Irresistable Offer’

4. Master the principles of persuasion

5. Focus on th big picture

6. Be completely anal about the way you manage your time

7. Train some people for absolutely no charge at all who can then pay you with referrals

I absulutely LOVE the business of personal training… best business in the world.