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resizedfemale1.jpgI got into business for myself because I wanted to be the master of my own destiny, work my own hours, and make a comfortable amount of money. What I wound up doing is spending an exhausting amount of time making less money than I hoped for.  I couldn’t understand how I spend some much time working without experiencing any growth in my fitness business. Some other business owners told me that this was just the “cost of being a business owner,” but I knew there had to better way.

So I buckled down. 

I studied every fitness business marketing tool, time management strategy, and fitness business technique I could find. I carefully examined successful business owners, and looked at what strategies they used for their success. Then I applied them all, one after another, discovering what worked, and what didn’t.  After years of stops, starts, and wrong directions, I achieved everything I was hoping for. I was working less, making more money, and spending more time enjoying life.  After a while of enjoying this, I decided that everything I learned was much too valuable to keep to myself, so I started my website so other fitness professionals could learn from my experience.

If you run your own fitness business, I’m willing to bet you can relate to the beginning of my story. 

You burn through every day (and a lot of nights) toiling for petty returns, and keep coming back up for more because you have to believe that things will turn around eventually.  Believe me, I feel your pain.  And trust me when I say it is possible to cut your hours in half and double your income, if you apply the right fitness business strategies.

So what’s the big gimmick?

Well, actually, there isn’t one.  When I started this site, I decided that I was going to check all hype and lousy information at the door.  All that’s left is solid, powerful fitness business marketing strategies that have worked over and over again for a variety of business owners.  There’s no big secret, just neat ideas that can help you see impressive gains your income and reductions in your workings hours month after month.

Of course there isn’t a single fitness marketing tool that will make your business thrive and free up all of your time. 

It’s in the accumulation of a bunch of small techniques, ideas, and fitness business strategies that add up to a powerful marketing campaign and business strategy.  So to deliver all of this information on this site on very consistent basis.  And when I say “consistent,” I mean almost daily. And the fitness business marketing tools that I provide aren’t things that are going to take years and your entire marketing budget to implement.  They are affordable, effective ideas that you can start doing today to grow your fitness business.

And since I realize that a successful company is about more than smart fitness business marketing tools, I’m also going to provide great time management techniques, tips on how to make the functions of your business run more smoothly, and fitness business strategies that will make your life a lot easier.

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There are absolutely mountains of high quality info on this site you can use right away to build your business, and here are some quick health club and personal training business building tips you can use right now

1. Remember that overcome your fears you must walk through them.

2. Everyday spend at minimum one to two hours to do something to move your fitness business in the direction of your goals

3. Learn, study and implement great personal trainer marketing, read books like ‘The Robert Collier Letter Book’ and ‘There’s a Customer Born Every Minute’

4. Master the time tested principles of persuasion, it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do and it will help you in many areas of life.

5. Focus on th big picture and on the lifetime value of a client, not just the quick buck

6. Live by sound time management rituals

7. And last but not least I suggest you train some clients for absolutely zero charge or cost and work it out for them to pay you with referrals ( paying clients)