6 Ways To Make More Money From Your Personal Training Clients

Enter your text here...Below are six ways to make per personal training or coaching client. Now…

Since 2008 I’ve been teaching coaches, trainers, and gym owners that there are three ways to increase revenue in your business…

1. Get more leads - this includes all online and offline lead generation sources, everything from FB & IG ads, Google Local/Map listings, direct mail, leads from strategic alliances, etc.

Right now there's a heavy emphasis on Facebook ads (and it's what most fitness business gurus are teaching right now) but with ad prices 3-10X what they were just two or three years ago, more gyms and coaches are looking for other means.

Fortunately, a whole world of potential clients exists out there who aren't on FB.

2. Convert more of your leads into paying clients.

The way to improve this is by improving your systems, which includes everything from your response time for  new leads coming in to your sales process.

In terms of response time I'll just say this:

NOTHING kills sales as much as time.

​Now, if because of your reputation people are certain that YOU are the one they want to train with (or that your program is the ONLY one that will do), that can buy you some time.

But by and large—unless someone is already 100% committed that they want to train in your program and your program only—the longer it takes you to contact a lead (or the longer out they schedule their strategy session) the less chance that you'll close them.

Every minute you wait increases the chance that they'll ghost you. It's why I've always used salespeople to respond to leads and not my trainers (who are busy training people most of the time and can't just be available respond to leads).

Now, in terms of the conversion process, I've always employed a consultative sales script heavy with takeaway selling (especially for moderate to high-ticket programs. Takeaway isn't as effective with low-dollar boot camps.)

All my salespeople had to learn the script.

No way wouldI left a salesperson answer the phone and just wing it. They had to have my script down pat.

Over time, a 10-20% bump in sales conversions can have a major impact on your revenue.

I don't remember the exact numbers, but moving from just winging it to the script increased my sales conversions more than 20%.

 I now give that script away for free HERE.

 BTW, I recently did a blog post about overcoming one of the most common objections. The ol' "I need to speak to my husband"objection. You can read that post HERE.

 And the third way to increase your training revenue...

3. Increase your average client lifetime value.

Most coaches and entrepreneurs put the majority of focus on #1 and #2.

They want to “get more clients.”

I mean, that’s what every coach wants, right—more training clients?

The belief is: get more clients and you’ll succeed.

Hold on, though…

What if every training client was worth 5-10X as much to your business?

And that’s WITHOUT you having to spend any extra money on client acquisition (which is getting pricier by the day it seems, especially online).

Hands down, getting the clients is the most expensive part of the equation.

Now that you’ve got ’em, why not maximize their value to your business?

Why not get five or ten times as much from them?

You’d think ​personal trainers would make this a priority.

Yet, so few do. Most are focused on getting more clients.

To them, a good week is when they got a bunch of new clients.

A bad week is when they lost more than they got (I used to hate to weeks like that. Thankfully they were rare).


How do you increase client lifetime value?

There are a number of ways.

I’ll start with the most common…

- Raise prices - And what has almost NOTHING to do with how much you can charge? Paradoxically, it’s the results you help your client get.

What has EVERYTHING to do with how much you can charge? Like it or not: PERCEPTION. Perceived value. How much the clients *believes* the relationship is worth to them.

Amazingly, you could coach someone for no compensation and they could get incredible results, and yet still feel the relationship is worth very little to them because you didn’t charge them.

The key is how you frame the relationship.

And what’s awesome is, the more people pay the more compliant to your program they’ll tend to be.

If flaking doesn’t sting, they’re much more likely to flake.

But if it stings because they’re investing what you’re actually worth, they’re much more likely to comply, show up, give it their best, adhere to the nutrition program, etc.

And much more likely to get results.

- Sell your clients more products and services - If you’re a personal trainer this could include nutrition consulting, program design, supplements, fitness retreats, mindset coaching, transformational “be a man” weekends/events/bootcamps, equipment sales, grocery store tours, and just about anything that would help your clients reach their goals.

Some trainers scoff at those who sell supplements. And I get where they’re coming from.

But I have a number of consulting clients who’ve doubled their client lifetime value JUST by adding supplements as part of their training packages.

Sure, the critic trainers may try to “trainer shame” them, but those critics aren’t paying the bills.

The supplement sales are.

For my client Sam Bakhtiar who now has over a hundred Camp Transformation Center programs, getting clients on supplements helped push him over that $100M/yr (9-fig/yr) mark. The increase to his bottom line was massive.

And as mentioned above, there’s a lot more than just one way to add additional revenue streams to your biz.

- Offering premium programs - If you put it in front of them, about 20% of people will want the best of the best of what you offer and will be willing to pay for it.

So by not offering a higher-value version of your program—a deluxe version that costs 2-5X as much as the regular version—you’re missing out on charging 200%-500% as much to about 20% of your clients.

These are also the clients who will happily pay off an entire year of training in advance. Always nice getting paid-in-fulls.

- Ascend people to higher-ticket programs - This model is underused by most gyms and personal trainers. It’s far more popular with gurus and online coaches.

For a fitness guru the model might look like: Free report > $15 book > $29/month membership program > $300 video course > $1000 live event > $5000 private coaching > $12,000 transformational weekend/mastermind.

Regardless of what you offer, the key is to constantly make another step available for those people who will take it.

When offered, certain people (like me) will ascend to the top of the ladder. Give us a chance.

In ​THIS blog post, I talk about how I ended up giving a consultant $50K for something I didn’t even want. I ascended to his top offering.

- Retain your clients for longer - This has almost nothing to do with what most coaches think it has to do with.

The fact is, retention has a lot more to do with consistently activating psychological triggers than it does with getting people results.

Now, I’m NOT saying that’s how it SHOULD be. But it is how it IS. In upcoming emails I dive into activating some of these triggers.

Some of it’s very similar to what cult leaders do (without the evilness to it).

Now, many people grow uneasy when I mention the word “cult.”

But look at it this way…

If cult leaders who preach CRAZY beliefs about aliens and prophecies can get people to hand over their life and all their resources (their children even) and stick around for YEARS, then you—who helps your clients achieve incredible transformations—can certainly get people to stay with you for years.

As Dan Kennedy said, what works to sell the in-credible works to sell the credible.

You’re selling something legit while what cult leaders sell is WHACKY.

Yet they condition people into becoming “true believers”—as social philosopher Eric Hoffer called them 1951 book, True Believer, about the psychological causes of fanaticism.

“True believers” stick around for YEARS, many all the way up until it’s time to drink the Kool-aid, wage war with the ATF, or hop on the imaginary space ship.

Cult leaders and giant successful gurus (like Tony Robbins and many on my testimonials page) understand how to activate these psychological triggers.

And if you want to get 5-10X as much from each client, you’d be wise to learn how to activate these very same triggers.

Keep an eye out for these emails. If you're not my list, then subscribe here so you can receive them...

- Stimulate referrals - While getting results plays a role in getting referrals, it’s only a tiny fraction of the equation.

The most effective way is…

Client results + activating the same psychological triggers I mentioned above + having ongoing referral systems in place + recognizing/rewarding those clients who refer.

And unlike clients acquired through costly paid ads, referred clients don’t cost a thing (or, if you reward the referrer, very little).

I can’t stress enough that getting your clients results is not the holy grail of maximizing client lifetime value like many coaches think it is.

And their hearts are in the right place.

They care about their clients and want to see them succeed, like any good coach should.

But results are only a fraction of the equation.

If results we’re all that mattered, then every coach who was good at helping people get results would never need another client after their first three months in business.


Because every client they helped get results would’ve stayed with them forever.

But that’s not what happens.

The paradoxical reality is that helping people reach their goals does VERY little for retention or maximizing their lifetime value.

Yes, you MUST do your best to help people get results.

But it’s not going to make your business a success.

I can point to plenty of broke coaches who are FANTASTIC at helping their clients get results.

Just as I can point to plenty of financially successful coaches who are only so-so at helping their clients get results.

In fact, one of the WORST coaches I’ve ever known was also one of the most successful.

Let’s call him Steve (that’s actually his name).

His clients *believed* he was the best, but he gave no thought to progression or form.

His sessions had no rhyme or reason behind them except to make everyone FEEL they’d got a great workout. He understood the power of perception.

Any trainer working at that gym (who were all independent contractors) would tell you the guy was a horrible trainer who knew nothing about exercise science.

And these trainers all had certs (which he didn’t have).

They cared far more about client results.

All he cared about was his monthly EFT numbers.

Yet many of these trainers weren’t even making 10% what he was.

Because they thought results would make them successful.

In future emails we’ll dive deep into things you can do that are far more effective at maximizing client lifetime value than getting people results.

Bitter broke trainers will scream and cry that I’m wrong.

That results are all it takes to build a thriving coaching business.

But I ask these same coaches to compare how much they’re making compared to the dozens of 7-, 8-, and 9-figure coaches on this page and then tell me I’m wrong.

​Subscribe in the opt-in below and keep an eye out for those emails and, in the meantime, if you’d like to read more about the power of using cult-building methods to build a tribe of devout clients, go HERE.

​Sam Bakhtiar

​​Founder and CEO of The Camp Transformation Center (with 110 locations) ​

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